Back To (Home) School

Every September, I’ve done a tiny “something” to make back-to-school season special for my kids. I hope it goes without saying that nobody NEEDS to do any of these things! (Let’s be honest, it’s nice looking through my front window in pyjamas while the other people walk to the school bus.)
I love family traditions though, and there are a few we’ve been doing the past few years since we officially started homeschooling. I thought I would share these ideas in case it’s on anyone’s heart to celebrate the new school year. … More Back To (Home) School

Raising Butterflies

Releasing our butterflies felt sort of like a special gift to the Earth. We felt a little sad to see them go, but also happy to see them be released into the natural world. We have been wondering about them ever since we set them free! Have they lain more eggs? Have new generations of caterpillars hatched? Could there possibly be beautiful butterflies flitting around right now, that are from the same family line as the ones we released? So many beautiful, magical things to wonder about! … More Raising Butterflies

How will they make friends?

When I first considered homeschooling, there was a part of me that worried whether we’d have enough things to do. Would there be other children to play with? How will they make friends? I was well aware of the stigma surrounding homeschoolers, and it was my mission to make sure my kids were the exception. Looking back however, I see just how uninformed and unnecessary those fears were. … More How will they make friends?

Maple Syrup Harvest

…There was still plenty more sap to collect from the trees. So that morning, we hiked our way through the icy forest trails, all the way to the maple grove where the sap buckets were hanging. The children worked hard to collect all the sap from the buckets, transfer it into large pails to lug back to the little sugar shack for boiling, and then re-hang the collection buckets to be ready for the next thaw.

It makes my heart happy watching the children work together, learn together, in such a wholesome, natural environment. This is how we do school! … More Maple Syrup Harvest