An Alphabet In Bloom {review}

It looks like Old Man Winter has finally arrived. We had our first major snowfall just the other day and so life will slow down a bit for the next while. My kids still adore spending time outside, perhaps even more so now that the snow has fallen! This mama likes to hibernate a bit though. I appreciate those quiet, cozy days spent indoors with a stack of books and some play dough. There’s just no time for that in the warmer months.

As a homeschooling mama, I am always on the lookout for fresh material. This book, An Alphabet In Bloom by Home Grown Books, has a very cool concept and isn’t your average run-of-the-mill alphabet book. As my kids flip the pages, I can see the wheels turning and I watch as their imaginations come alive.


This alphabet book is full of bright, colourful artwork, and, it’s wordless. A wordless alphabet book, whaaaaat? And that’s the best part! My kids lit-up when they realized they were on a treasure hunt of sorts. Their minds were working hard to figure out what letter each item started with, while thinking of what letter in the alphabet came next. It is super interactive. We discussed the possibilities together and made it into a game.


My 5-year-old had so much fun stretching her mind with this, and my 3-year-old can  ‘read’ this on his own. I found the two of them looking at it on their own later. It is wonderful for developing their imaginations. Even my one-year-old enjoyed the vibrant artwork gracing the pages.


As an added bonus, all Home Grown Books are eco-friendly and made with recycled materials and wind power. Check out some of their other books here. Homeschooling mamas, and those looking for educational Christmas gifts, come in. Each one is unique, and you will find books that have innovative concepts that go far beyond the words on the page. They all introduce the valuable skill of engaging your imagination while reading.



Now, off to enjoy this cozy, wintery afternoon at home with my kids!

Krista <3


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