Fancy shmancy Christmas pretzels

Happy winter solstice, everyone! It’s the shortest day of the year and we decided to cozy-up at home. We were busy in the kitchen today baking gingerbread cookies, as well as a family favourite that I’m sharing below.

 Introducing our fancy shmancy Christmas pretzels! That’s what I’m calling them right now at least! :) We’ve been making these bad boys for years and they are quite the crowd pleaser if I do say so myself.  My 3-year-old and 5-year-old can assemble these completely on their own. They only need my help for putting them in and out of the oven. 

Here are the simple instructions:

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F

Place pretzels on baking sheet. Unwrap Hershey Hugs (you can use Hershey kisses too but I find they don’t melt as well as the ‘Hugs’) and place one in the center of each pretzel.

Warm in the oven for 1-2 minutes, until the chocolate starts to melt. Remove from oven and place one M&M in the center of each pretzel.

After this, I throw the baking sheet into the fridge for a bit to let them cool. *Make sure they have completely cooled and set before serving! Otherwise it will just be a gooey chocolatey mess. Huh, that doesn’t sound so bad actually.

Anyways DO give these a try! They are the perfect combination of salty and sweet and very easy for little hands to make. :)



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