Gift Wrapping Guide of Instagram

This month has just flown by, has it not?! I can’t believe that Christmas morning is a mere two sleeps away. If you are anything like me, you will be wrapping gifts for the next two nights once your littles have gone to sleep. I’ve been loving all the gift wrap ideas on my Instagram feed this week, and so I’ve rounded-up my absolute favourites in case you’re still busy wrapping (like me!). 

Lots of adorable ways to package your gifts below, with links to the creative mamas behind the prettiness! 

I can only imagine how delicious the above packages would smell… mmmmm…

And this next one is just too good. Gift toppers you can eat?! Don’t mind if I do…

Alright alright, those gingerbread tags were technically part of an advent calendar, but they could totally be used for gift tags as well. 

And now another topper – I’m obsessed with these whimsical gift toppers below 😍 So sparkly, I can only imagine how excited my kids would be to open a present adorned with one of these. So magical.

These next two I picked out because they remind me a bit of my childhood Christmases. Traditional reds and greens, and timeless tartan… I just love the old-Christmassy vibes I get from these ones.

And for a more modern feel, I’m loving the gift wrap idea below! And WAY to repurpose an old calendar! Fantastic! 

More prettiness…

Foliage is defintely a reoccurring theme in the gift wrap of Instagram. And it’s no wonder. Not only does it pretty-up the simplest of packaging, but to me, that simple added detail just shows that love and care was put into the packaging. 😊 It’s totally a lost art (which is slowly being found again apparently)! It’s not too late to add a twig or two to your own presents. I used some snips from the cedars outside my front porch for my own.

Well, that’s pretty much a wrap. Pun intended. 😝 I’ll finish off by sharing my own presents.

I printed off some photos of the kids to use as gift tags! These adorable square prints are from Social Print Studio

This post was SO FUN to put together, and I hope it has provided some inspiration! Thanks goes out to all the lovely mamas who allowed me to share their lovely gift wrapping ideas!

Merry Christmas everyone!


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