Autumn Leaf Peepers

It’s the most beautiful time of year here in Ontario, as the trees burst with the most vibrant colours! Shades of red and orange and yellow are everywhere. And so, this must be my favourite time of year for nature crafts.

The other morning, we made these pretty leaf masks, or “leaf peepers” as I like to call them. I originally came across this idea on Kirsten Rickert’s Instagram years ago, and have kept it in my mind ever since!

The thing I love about this activity is that it requires a walk in nature to hunt for the leaves. We tried to find leaves as large as possible so that they would cover our faces.

What you need for this simple craft:

1. autumn leaves

2. scissors or knife for cutting holes for the eyes

3. paint + paintbrushes for decorating

And of course, your imagination!

My kids loved this activity. They actually sat and painted for a good hour with our leaf collection. I consider that a mom win! Once they were done painting masks, they just kept at it and painted pretty designs on all of the leaves.

I think we ended up with four Harry Potter masks and a bunch of animals! It was so fun!

I hope you try it out, and let me know how it goes!


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