A Childhood in Nature

I want to give my children the same experiences in nature that I remember so vividly from my own childhood. I want them to have time to explore the natural world. I want them to be friends with the forest by our home, I want them to know the creek that runs through our little town. I care deeply that they connect with the nature around where we live. I want them to explore and play freely, take risks, and have full control over how they spend their time in the forest. … More A Childhood in Nature

a children’s seasonal bookshelf // WINTER

  This week, our morning nature walks have been snow-filled and bitterly cold. There’s a certain stillness outside, a silence that blankets the earth only in winter. There’s nothing quite like a brisk walk in a snow-covered forest, breathing in that sharp fresh air and then returning indoors to peel off all the layers. We … More a children’s seasonal bookshelf // WINTER

Beeswax Leaf Dipping

I love weaving simple traditions into each season. They have truly enriched our family life! Together, we look forward to the special gifts that each season brings. Every morning we head out on a nature walk, to visit a familiar forest by our home. I believe it’s really important for kids to be exposed to … More Beeswax Leaf Dipping

Watermelon Pizza

A watermelon "pizza" for Lucas' birthday celebration at our homeschool co-op this week. 🍉🍃 So easy to make! Just spread a layer of either yogurt or mascarpone (I also mixed in a bit of honey to sweeten🍯), then top with whatever your heart desires! For toppings we used berries, fresh mint leaves from our garden, … More Watermelon Pizza

Our Egg Hatch Project

Spring is in full swing over here now, and we’ve been keeping busy with lots of little projects! At our homeschool co-op, we’ve planted seedlings, and started building a living play structure out of willow shoots. At home we’ve made a temporary habitat for observing earthworms, and filled our bookshelves with beautiful spring stories. We’ve seen … More Our Egg Hatch Project